Dr Shlomit Levy

Our hospital (on the main st. of Raanana)

Our hospital (on Achuza-  the main street of Raanana) You can't miss us.

Dr Shlomit Levy is the only veterinarian in Israel who is solely dedicated to taking care of PARROTS AND OTHER BIRDS.


She has retired from caring for  dogs ,cats, rabbits and  reptile due to her deep commitment to birds

Dr Levy graduated veterinary from the university of Bologna, Italy,  in high honors, and practiced as a veterinarian for  10 years in California before returning to Israel.
She is also licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey.
Dr. Levy is the author of  two books  :
"The  Parrots Book- the complete book about parrots husbandry" And the "Parrots book# 2 Manual of parrots  behavioral and fertility.


 Dr Shlomit Levy is a senior lecturer in "Magen  David  Yarok" and gives every year a few courses about behavioral problems in birds.
She lectures in different seminars and sees special importance in making herself available for professional consultation regarding bird's health through the internet-on "Pet-Net".